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    About us

    Inese Sīkle and Jānis Sīklis have created a concept of the Dream world(Dream shop is a web based reflection of our way of enjoying life that we want to share with YOU) that can be seen in a unique way.

    We provide our customers with only carefully preselected and highest quality products that we enjoy using ourselves and therefore also reccomend to our followers.

    In our Dream world it is possible for everybody to find things for great life that everybody is looking for and dreaming of.... and what is not less important we make sure that YOU can purchase your dream bedding set or sofa or lounger for very attractive price!

    After long contemplation and „brain storms” at the beginning of the year 2008 our concept was clear and the Dream shop was created. Dream shop is the place where everybody can find something beautiful for heart and soul, place where it is possible to choose the gift for special person and place where it is possible to find nice presents for weddings and birthdays.

    But we have other great plans as well for the future of the Dream shop, in the near future we will offer amazingly stylish and magnificent tableware for deliberate tee evenings, festivity dinners and Sunday evening dinners. We wil offer the flatware, tablecloths and interior objects for your home, which will create warm cosines and warmness all around your place.

    All goods we are offering we have discovered and found ourselves, we have tested and tried ourselves and we have given these goods for testing to our friends and family members. The feedback we got has been very positive! That it the reason why we are really sure that you will love them as well!

    Our goal is to help our partners to create the world of Dream shop wherever you are located with our ongoing and lifetime support.

    For us each customer is very important and significant, that is why we offer individual solutions regarding the delivery of the goods, also with smaller quantities.

    Our true wish is to offer very high and friendly customer service so that everything is done with the highest sense of responsibility towards YOU.

    We will truly wait for your references and suggestions and encourage to become our loyal customer and tell about us and great things for life we offer also to YOUR friends and relatives.