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    Franchise of the Dream shop

    1. The concept of the Dream Shop www.sapnuveikals.lv

    After one year careful studies of the market situation in Latvia, the concept of the Dream shop was created in the beginning of the year 2008. The main purpose of the Dream shop is to offer beautiful, colorful and high quality bedding products to customers and what is not less important to offer to purchase these bedding products for reasonable and competitive price. The bedding products in the Dream shop can be purchased currently in internet shop www.sapnuveikals.lv in Latvia. The Dream shop is the place where everyone can find special bedding set for his taste, place where it is possible to choose the gift for special person and place where it is possible to find nice presents for weddings, birthdays and other special occasions. The Dream shop internet shop has been developed and is fully operational starting from the July of 2008, the English version of the Dream shop can be found under the following address www.sapnuveikals.lv/en

    The concept of Dream Shop consists of several parts:

    1) Visual identity guidelines

    The visual identity guideline has been developed to represent the Dream shop concept and these guidelines includes the logo of Dream shop, the letter blank form, the appearance of business cards, the appearance of the gift cards etc.;

    2) Internet shop www.sapnuveikals.lv (translation in English www.dreamshop.lv)
    The main purpose in the creation process of the Dream shop internet shop was to present absolutely original idea and absolutely unique approach to the customer. That is why Dream shop internet shop was created differently and unlike from other internet shops. The key idea of the Dream shop is not simply to sell the bedding products to the customer but “to create a story”, to create the Dream world where mostly female customers would love to stay in for a while and in time she is making a choice regarding the bedding products she would feel very special attitude towards her. This creation “of the story” was very successful – for each bedding set presented in the internet shop the special title and short story was created. The countless positive references were received back from customers who were carried away with this wonderful idea.

    3) The outstanding customer service
    The other goal in the creation process of the Dream shop was to create the outstanding individual approach to each customer. For Dream shop each customer is very important and significant, that is why:
    1) individual solutions regarding the delivery of the bedding products is being offered to each customer,
    2) individual gift wrapping of bedding products in a beautiful gift paper and designing of unique gifts for special occasion is as well being offered to each customer,
    3) offer to purchase the Dream shop gift card and individual gift wrapping of this gift car is as well being offered to each customer.
    4) individual demonstration service at home - when it is hard for the customer to choose the bedding set he would like to purchase, the fixed quantity of bedding sets are being delivered to the customers home and he has the possibility to evaluate and examine the bedding sets and then make the best choice.

    2. The owners of the Dream shop concept

    The creator of the concept Dream shop is limited liability company “SolSanno” established in the beginning of the year 2008 in Latvia. The owners of the 100% shares of the SolSanno are Mrs. Inese Sikle and Mr. Janis Siklis.
    Mrs. Inese Sikle has Master Degree in Law and has many years experience in working in public administration in the Ministry of Finance of Latvia as senior official in the field of the management of the European Union structural funds in Latvia.
    Mr. Janis Siklis has Master Degree in Business administration and has 19 years experience in working in different international companies as Sales and Marketing Director.

    3. The Dream shop franchise

    SolSanno offers the Dream shop franchise to interested parties outside of Latvia who would be interested in the development of own business locally and promotion of Dream shop concept in YOUR home country.

    SolSanno offers to conclude franchise contract with the cooperation partner and would provide the cooperation partner with the following:
    The general conditions SolSanno sets to the cooperation partner are the following:
    4. The benefits of representation of the Dream shop

    The benefits for the cooperation partner in representing the Dream shop in YOUR country are the following:
    Business and marketing plan;
    5. The requirements for the potential cooperation partner of Dream shop representation

    The following requirement for the potential cooperation partner:
    6. Cost of franchise

    Full DREAMSHOP products catalog 2017 will be provided upon request.

    The cost of Dream shop franchise is 3 500 EUR. For more detailed information regarding the content of Dream shop franchise please refer to Point 3.

    7. Contact information

    Limited liability company “ SolSanno”
    Legal address: Meldru street16-60, Riga, LV-1015, Latvia
    Phone: 00 371 29207407
    E-mail: info@sapnuveikals.lv
    Web: www.sapnuveikals.lv
    Contact person: Mr. Janis Siklis (phone: +37129207407)